Aikido Program

for kids!

Aikido is an ideal martial art for children to learn. Rather than competition and aggressive responses, Aikido classes are focused on cooperative practice between partners, controlled movement, and peaceful resolution to conflict. Practical applications of the martial art include maintaining focus, self-discipline, and how to work together. Physical benefits include learning how to fall safely, maintaining flexibility, and self-defense that is ultimately expressed in neither attacker or defender being seriously injured.

The 3rd Quarter class schedule for children will be Saturdays from 9:30am to 10:20am. We know that everyone learns a little differently. To that end the Milwaukee Shobukan instructors each participate in leading the classes, so the children are exposed to a range of methods for learning the techniques and skills.

Our program accepts children in age groups:

5 - 8 with parental presence during class

9 - 13 with parental presence in the dojo until completion of 1st test

14 and up join the Adults Program.

Our children's program is $35.00 for each month. Uniforms can be purchased through the dojo.

1st Quarter: March 1st to May 31st

2nd Quarter: June 1st to August 31st

3rd Quarter: September 1st to November 30th

4th Quarter: December 1st to February 28th