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Milwaukee Shobukan!

It is our general policy for those who have never practiced aikido to visit and observe a class. If you've observed a class already, or have practiced Aikido in the past, then simply download and fill out the forms below.

Adult Membership and Fees

For adults, and teens 14 thru 18

Adult Beginners Starter Package - $275.00

- 6 months of classes

- 1 dogi/training uniform

- 6th kyu test fee (testing upon requisite hours achieved)

Standard Monthly Fee - $60.00/monthly

- A discount of $10.00/month is granted for setting up automatic bill pay.

- A discount of $5.00/month for qualifying membership program and military veterans.

- $250.00 advance pay for 6 months

ASU Membership - $45.00/annually for white to brown belts

- Paid upon passage of 6th kyu test.

Children's Program

For ages 5 to 13

Monthly Fee - $35.00

Ages 5 to 8 must be accompanied by a parent

Ages 8 to 14 we request a parental presence until 1st test

Membership Form (two-sided)

Membership Form

Feel free to check out the ASU Training Handbook, and a nice little dictionary on common Japanese terms used in most Aikido dojo around the country.

ASU Training Handbook

Aikido Dictionary